WoW: Warlords of Draenor


On this years Blizcon, Blizzard has officially announced and confirmed their upcoming expansion: Warlords of Draenor.


There will be no new classes added to the game, but instead they have announced to redesign the character models with better graphics (I would rather say more poly’s) and facial expressions. The new expansion continues in Draenor, the homeworld of the Orc’s) and it will not be the last expansion. The continent of Draenor will be a map that takes place in the past. Blizzard did not reveal in one way this content is launched though however. Because it basicly is part of the Burning Crusade expansion map but then a good amount of years before that all got destroyed etc.
Netherstorm however will not be explorable yet on launch but at a later patch.

The patch allows you to level up to level 100. For those still having their characters at level 80 or simply want to start all over with a new class, can make use of the one-time-usage level 90 booster. I take it that this is to make people enjoy the content faster.
With the level 90 booster, you will receive a certain set of items as to not end up with greens at the level 90 content. Also will Blizzard give these players a special tutorial area where they will learn about the game (in case they are new players).

At level 100, characters will receive a major boost to one of their abilities.

Blizzard says also that they will add the possibility for you to own your personal fortress in which you can customize the layout and appearance. Same faction friends can visit your garrison and trade resources. The Garrison will not be instanced, but part of the main world. How Blizzard is going to do that with so many players is still unclear to us.
Somewhere we have the feeling that these Garrison’s are going to take part in pvp but this is unsure.
In your garrison you can collect followers – npc’s that will perform tasks for you such as gathering resources or crafting both when you are online and offline.

During your quests or missions in the game, you will collect both crafting resources for yourself as resources for your garrison to upgrade or expand buildings with.

Your inventory will get more room again. Similar to how mounts and pets are stored, now also toys, heirlooms and tabards will be account bound popup menu’s. Even quest items will become of a new system, stopping cluttering in your inventory.
Next to that your inventory can become sortable by the item type you specify.

Some more features are being added to make it more clear to you what items have been added to your bags since the last time you opened your bags (blinking white) and a new icon to indicate vendor trash. Track sizes will increase and you will have the ability to craft directly from your bank (similar as in Guild Wars 2).

The game will add seven new dungeons at launch, with a mix of choices for leveling up as well as “new, unexplored Dungeons to delve into at max level,” including the return of Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) as both a Heroic and Leveling dungeon.

There’ll be two new raids released around launch, and flex scaling has been revamped. Blizzard introduced a new Mythic difficulty as well, which is even harder than heroic with a fixed 20-player size.

Draenor will introduce a world PvP Zone, which is more like a persistent sandbox than an instance with a clear beginning and end. Cross-realm technology will be used to balance out the pairing of Horde and Alliance factions, and UI improvements will introduce an objective tracker and capture stats. In addition, flags will fill with color as they’re captured to make your current progress even clearer.

New Battlground scores will give you a better idea of how you’re doing, and those scores will be based on doing damage, healing, capturing, and objectives. And at the end of Battlegrounds you may get lucky and win an item in advance such as, rather than waiting to trade in honor. Those items may include : bonus armour, bind-on-equip gear, or consumables.

We can expect more to be revealed about this new expansion to World of Warcraft over the coming time.

All I have left for you are three different videos on youtube about the new expansion.

Announcement Trailer:

Remaking a world:

New Faction zones:

Game on!


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