Review: Sonic Lost World (WiiU)


Sonic returns in this fast platforming wonder, but the question remains: is it a hit or is it a flop?


Release: 2013
Platform: WiiU
Producer: Sega
Publisher: Nintendo

Tthe story starts off with Sonic and Tail chasing after Eggman while trying to save their animal friends. But after Eggman shoots down their plane, they end up at the mystical land of the Lost Hex, home to the evil Deadly Six. Eggman has enslaved them with the dream to destroy Sonic for once and for all. But it doesn’t take long until things go wrong and the Deadly Six riot against Eggman, forcing Sonic and Eggman to team up! The dream team of the year, or is it? Well Tails certainly doesn’t agree to this!

The game play in this game seems to be based upon the cancelled game Sonic Extreme. Sonic has gotten all his skills at his disposal, including the Super Peel Out from Sonic CD. You can decide yourself if you want to travel along at max speed ( by holding both the trigger buttons on the WiiU gamepad) or move at a slower pace to explore your surroundings. There are a total of seven zones split into four levels. Each stage is made out of many platforms, which you travel through with many paths to choose from! Gravity plays an important part this time, as you have to blast with speed from different areas on each stage. You will find yourself upside down, left or right.

Many of the stages are super cleverly designed. You have to use your noggin, if you want to advance. A little example of this: lead a giant evil apple to the cutting blades that will spawn a fruity fountain of delicious juice that will send you onwards. The Badnicks return and so do the cute adorable animals you have to save and collect. Sadly 100 rings don’t award you a free 1-up, since you will really need all possible 1-Ups in this game. The game changes from 3D gameplay to 2D side-scrolling gameplay. Of course the Colour Powers return and some of them were best left out in my opinion as the controller doesn’t respond too well to some.

The difficulty scales insanely. You get to feel this at World 4 and I can promise you, it hurts. The plat-forming turns from fun and pleasure to brutal and non-forgiving hell. Where did that sudden difficulty spike come from?! But that wasn’t enough to stop me!

It is sad they had to put such a strange difficulty spike in the game, some may say it’s good to have challenge but why not leave it as an option? The difficulty spike does give you many unfair deaths, and that’s one major downside of the game.

The boss fights in this game are rather easy…very easy in fact. Only the last three give you a decent challenge. The Deadly Six are not so deadly after all, but instead rather silly.

The great Red Ring collection has returned. Collect them to unlock bonus stages, hidden levels and the Chaos Emeralds. I won’t say more, since I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Mission are available as well from Omachao that awards you cool items you can use or share it with others on Miiverse. Great use of Miiverse there for people who really need items!

However visually, the game is looking frigging beautiful at full HD 1080P and 60 framerate. The stages are well designed. The Badniks look awesome and Sonic looks really great and detailed. The story in this game is light-hearted but very very funny to listen to. I do enjoy the cutscenes, don’t take it serious, it’s a fun game after all and I am pleased Sonic has his rude attitude. I really had to laugh every now and then.

Sonic Lost World has the best music I heard in a long time in a Sonic game. It is very well put together and suits the setting well. My favourite must be from the desert stage.

Let’s break it up to the good and the bad!

The good:
– Beautiful visuals
– Great music
– Great gameplay

The bad:
– Insane difficulty spike that will leave you tearing your hair.
– Some colour powers are a simple pain.

All in all, Sonic Lost World is a fantastic game. If you love sonic and own a WiiU, I don’t see why you shouldn’t pick it up!

Rating: 7/10

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