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Nintendo released the official website to their new Mario game today, which is coming in the end of November.


In this super fun adventure you have to save the Sprixies from big old stinky Bowser.

Big, bad Bowser and his crew have invaded the peaceful Sprixie Kingdom. Now it’s up to Mario and his friends to rescue the Sprixies by fighting their way through a vast new kingdom. Play solo or with up to three friends in this new Mario platforming adventure!

If you remember my blog “What If Mario”, some of the changes I hoped for, are indeed implented! WOOHOO!

Anyways this time you can play as Mario, Luigi. Peach and Toad. They all have their own skills to finish a level.

Mario is the typical all rounder, Luigi jumps higher, Peach can float for a few seconds in the air and toad can run faster escaping tight situations.

They are introducing new Power UPS to the game. The bell will transform you into a cute kitty. you can climb walls, scratch enemies and jump in a cool way.

Double Trouble
Find this Cherry Power-UP and it will clone you. Instead of one Mario, you get two Mario’s. Find more to produce more clones. Just imagin the chaos you can cause.

Cannon Balls
Find this upgrade and you will be able to shoot canon balls back at your enemy. You can even charge the attack to really inflict pain on them. Another joy: all the good old upgrades return such as Fire Flower. Giant Mushroom and Boomerang Mario!

You can play with up to four players, using the WiiU remote and the others using the other controllers. Help or kill each other or battle to get the high score.

This all sounds very promising judging the trailers this game is showing off. The impressive graphics the WiiU can produce. I am looking extremly forward to this game!
Check the new website out:

Talking about the wiiU
The WiiU rocked up it’s sales to 38.000 thanks to the WiiU party bundle. It’s good to see that this console is finally picking up some steam! I am sure once the holiday season kicks in, the sales will greatly increase.

Anyway this sums it up for now.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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