Asheron’s Call 2 – episode 3 Esper Vault


It has been a while since the last episode of the game Asheron’s Call 2, due to .. well a lot of things really. Technical issues, busy in life and other video productions as well as the fact that I need to level up to be able to show you something interesting.


Earlier I had a recording laying around with me trying to do the Arwic Vault. A Vault is a history storage location where you can see some past of what happened supposedly between Asheron’s Call 1 and Asheron’s Call 2 as they would put it in this sequel game. It’s generally about a war between many races.

So yes, I was about level 9 or 10 and thought I could do the Arwic Vault. Well was I wrong, I died and died and died. That pretty much shows how I (Steven) play games but that isn’t what I would like to show you of the game.

So instead of the Arwic Vault I did some ‘grinding’ killing many different monsters, trying to complete quests and I recorded some tips along the way. These tips I have used in this video. I also stopped being mage for the while and chose a sword to play with. This worked much better for the grinding part and is also used during the rest of this video.
It’s cool that you can so easily switch ‘classes’ if you would like to call it that way. When you have trained later on far into trees of skills, it is less easy to switch classes, but you can still untrain skills and train new ones, it just takes longer.
Sofar I have not really trained many skills in the melee tree, making it harder to play melee, but it also keeps it possible for me to change back to mage at a little later point.

This week I managed to play again and recorded some more facts and tips and ran into a different Vault near Cragstone, called the Esper Vault. I totally forgot about the existence of this vault and to my biggest surprise I actually managed to defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon.

I also managed to find a player and willing Allegiance (guild) that allowed me to join their ranks so that I will be able to show you more of the game at a faster pace.

So, all I can say now is, go check it out!:

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