Space racing indie game


This racing game in space is made by an Indie developer and can be played in the browser.


The idea is to stay on the road with your car. Drive off it and you are wasted. While driving it counts how many miles you have been driving for. You steer with your mouse by moving it over the screen in the right directions. Further away from the car with the mouse cursor means faster movement, closer by your car it will slow down.

The car will never stop, so it needs to drive on all the time. The driving game called Hotline is accompanied by funky bassy music, which changes (and slows down) when you drive off the road.

To play this game, you will need to use a browser that supports HTML 5 as it has been programmed for this.

Every now and then the road and all graphics of space start to blink and you easily drive off the road if you don’t watch it carefully. This is probably done to add some extra difficulty.

Rezoner has made everything himself, graphics, music composed using special software and his keyboard and the programming on HTML 5 Canvas using Javascript.

Recently I heard that Chrome, made by Google, will soon stop support for Flash. This means that if you create games for in the browser, you are best off by creating them in the all-integrated HTML 5. That’s exactly what Rezoner here has done.

Beautiful graphics, fantasticly smooth gameplay, a simple game but rather addicting gameplay, either because of the music or because you want to get more miles scored!

Check it out: (HTML 5)

Game on!


(My highscore sofar?: 80,5miles)

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