GW2: Tower of Nightmares


Next to the still continueing Mad King and Blood Prince Halloween event, has a new living world story started.

This new storyline adds quite some content for the player to explore. To start off with, this is the so called Krait that usually are cloaked and hidden away from our vision that have been uncovered suddenly. Last week we’ve already been able to see that there had changed areas in the game, now they have been revealed.

And with the reveal of this evil tower in the middle of Kessex Hills map, also a lot of enemies (Krait and Toxic Alliance members) and a lot of poisonous air has come free. Along are there these weird Toxic Obelisks and some other Toxic plants that can be looted for a trophy that can be used for either crafting or the meta achievement line. When you meet the requirements for this meta achievement, you will be awarded with a personal Krait Obelisk in your home instance which serves as a place of power for those Crystals or to get a skill point.

If there are any new crafting recipes, it is probably smart though to stock up on those recipes, because they are likely to disappear soon again after the event has passed.

You will also be awarded with a skill to clean you and your allies from toxic poisonous clouds of confusion and torment.
Kessex Hills has been greatly transformed, so that is one thing to look for. Otherwise as soon as you enter the area for the first time, you will be automatically put into a personal story instance to play out a little storyline first. If you skip this (by running outside the area) you can still redo this instance later by talking to one of the NPC’s at the spot where you are supposed to meet up (see your ingame mail about this).

As always, The Black Lion Trading Company comes with new items. Some new skins, a finisher and a few sets of armour skins to accompany you on this new story.

Those black lion boxes that you need a key for will have a chance to give you special scraps which you can buy rewards from in this event.

Otherwise they changed some minor things on both crafting and all professions.

See the full patch notes below:

Game on!


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