Minecraft 1.7.2 content preview


Soon Minecraft version 1.7.2 will be launched. In today’s video we will show you some of the content that will come available.


We can not show you everything that is new, as many things that have been changed are on the background. They have been doing over a million lines of code, including rewriting on a lot of existing functionality. The sound and music system is better and faster, the generation of worlds and biomes is smoother and better and a lot of extra work has been done to be able to launch the MOD API someday soon as well as some changes that have to do with future namechanges(!).

In this video we show you what we can show you and what we did find.

In our video we put our attention to better looking biomes, new settings, a secret setting, bigger portals, glasspanes, new flowers and plants and trees and more.

Check out our video:

Game on!


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