Which games to play on your next LAN party?


Last week we told you how to start your own LAN party. Today I just want to give you some ideas of what you could play on such party. This information will get out-of-date soon enough I suppose, but at this moment this is quite popular. Can’t mention them all, there is plenty more, but will mention some that worked quite well on our last own LAN party.


Real Time Strategy
Games such as Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2, but there is also Commander Conquer in a free version called OpenRA. Also the old Warcraft series work well, as long as your PC can run it ofcourse.

First Person Shooters
Call of Duty is good for this, but even more CounterStrike in every possible way, version and modded version: such as Counter Strike Global Assault and Gary’s Mod. Another more indie game is The Boat. I also see the free Team Fortress in this list and we could also think about older games such as Quake and Rainbow Six.

Take for example Left For Dead, but also Ace of Spades where you also get to play the Zombie when you die.

Builders / Adventure
Minecraft is ofcourse a popular game as well for LAN parties, whether that means you build together or battle many monsters. Hunger Games and similar adventures are also part of this game.
Terraria lays in the same area as Minecraft, apart from that it is 2D.

You can play OpenTTD, the re-creation of Transport Tycoon on networks against or with each other. Do we know any others?

Strategy Action
There is a new genre of gaming, that fall actually under eSport games. I am not sure if I should call it strategy or adventure or something else. It’s the games that are very challenging but you need to rank up in them to get anywhere and battle a lot of battles through. Games such as League of Legends and Dota2 belong to this list.

Card Games
UNO is still very popular. There are also places where you can play Solitair, Spades or Poker. Some for money, some are free. UNO I once had myself on my PC and it can work over network. But I prefer to play that game offline, away from the PC on a normal table with friends and family.
A newer game would be Scrolls by Mojang. There are several similar card games that are popular, such as Pokemon and the Might and Magic series.

As for the RPG genre, I would say that Diablo 1, 2 and 3 work well for that. But also Torchlight 1 and 2 and most MMO’s.

HTML 5 games
Well I don’t know many, but discovered a really cool one last weekend called CurveFever. It is like the classic game of Snake with the line and you cannot go into the walls on the sides or in yourself. In this version you see sometimes that the line breaks up, here you can pass yourself (or others). The game has also added addon bubbles which can be picked up for your advantage or other players disadvantage. Really nice game to play on a LAN. Need a browser that supports HTML5 though.

Not all games work on all platforms. If you have Windows and your friends use Linux or Mac, you cannot play all games easily (unless they manage to simulate Windows). For games on Steam it is generally valid that games that are SteamPlay, can be played on all platforms. Games like Minecraft can be downloaded for all types of platforms.

I am not going to write a top x list as opinions differ very much.

Oh and next to the PC games there are ofcourse the console games you can play together with others. Party games with mini games do really well, dance games or singing games are also great fun.

As I said before, there are really extremely many games you can play on either just LAN or on both LAN and over the internet. More and more games will become internet based, so that more people can join in into the fun.

Game on!


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