Do not forget about the flash games!


Flash games, I am sure everybody has heard about them. Flash games are small games you can play on your browser. There are quite some famous websites that support them. and Kongregate are very good examples.


What are flash games?
They are games that are developed in Adobe Flash. They are programmed in action script, which is a high level programming language.

Flash games are a mostly browser games you can play with any web browser you desire, just visit one of the big websites make sure the latest version of flash is installed and have fun!

Why play flash games?
Flash games are developed by indie developers. Heard about Super Meat Boy? Well that was originally a simple browser game called meat boy on NewGrounds. The binding of Isaac , the crazy, but super fun, Super Mario Bros cross-over or Adventure Quest, made by Battleon are good examples of flash games.

They are quick and fun and sometimes very challenging, if I am not in the mood to switch on one of my consoles or play a long demanding game on the pc, I enjoy a quick flash game to lighten my day. Thanks to cookies…

no! Not that kind of cookie!
…on your browser you can save your progress, so you can always return another time without losing your progress.

There are many genres, allow me to name a few:
Hack & slash
Bullet hell
Dungeon crawlers
The list goes on…

A good example would be Facebook; they have really taken the flash game concept to a new level with indie developers making games such as the most popular Farmville, Cityville Ravensky City etc. On Facebook these games are playable together with your friends, but the downside of this all is that you have to spend real money to get the best advantage in the game. On top of that you spam your Facebook page with that you need help in grinding materials or other nonsense. People could really hate you for that. Of course indie developers need to make their living.

Gambling websites have as well taken flash games into their arms making sure you can win real money or lose it all.

To me, flash games are games, and they deserved to be included into the gaming world. It’s a good way to kill time if you are stuck in a boring situation ( work, travel, baby sitting etc), just make sure your pc is powerful enough. Sadly flash games can take a lot of resources on an old pc, but thankfully the developers have quality sliders; less quality = less punishing for your pc.

Happy gaming!

The Game Mistress

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