GW2: Blood and Madness


The upcoming Guild Wars 2 Blood and Madness patch is the next installment in Halloween madness.


Soon it will be Halloween and as always all online games come with their answer to the festivities. ArenaNet tries to change the event a little every year as the ongoing story makes changes to the history of the game. This time around The Mad King Oswald Thorn, will be together with his son Bloody Prince Edrick.

What has stayed the same
– Mad Realm Doors, the haunted doors appear all over Kryta for a trick-or-treat.
– Mad King’s Clocktower, the crazy jumping puzzle, hard to master.
– Lunatic inquisition, basicly a hunger games PvP style minigame.

What has changed:
– Get yourself sweets via events,
– Get a Blood and Madness meta achievement
– Get a Minicandy Corn Elemental
– and follow the storyline for a Candy Corn node to your home instance.
– New rewards against Candy Corn trade-in
– Mad King’s Labyrinth, the big labyrinth with events happening all the time and lots of loot to take and monsters to kill, slightly modified because it is controlled by the son.
– Mask of the Night, participate in rounds of Mad King Says to prove your ability to learn.

Extra features with this patch:

New combat features:
– New ground targeting options
– Improvements to targeting
– New way to display condition damage numbers

Trait and Skill tooltips:
– Traits now display numbers
– Skill will show how they affect equipped traits

Balance updates:
– balance updates to existing skills and traits with a focus on improveing support builds for all professions.

World vs World season 1
Starting the 18th of October until the 5th of December, ArenaNet will host the first WvW season. Worlds will be split up into leagues and each world within a league will compete against every other world. You will be rewarded for your teams season-long performance as well as every week that you participate in WvW.

And that’s it. If you want to read more about it, check out their website.

Game on!


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