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We wrote about this game a very long time ago (in December 2012 to be precisely). Now the game is in pre-release beta, available through Steam. Today I’d like to take a closer look at the game as it is now, although still in beta, and write a small preview of it.


22CANS are the developers behind GODUS. They had their game GODUS on Kickstarter in December 2012 and got funded through that. Peter Molyneux is leading the project.

When you start the game for the first time, you get a sort of introduction video about the world you just created and entered as a god.

And then your game starts. You see a bunch of people, called Followers, on your screen and a landscape that seems to be built up of layers of ground just as if it was an onion. Every layer can be pushed away or pulled longer by a click and dragging it with your mouse.

But for using these god moves, you need faith. Faith is coming from your followers, your people. Without faith you cannot play god over them.

The settlers will build on ground where ever possible and multiply themselves. Also they will pray and have faith in you.
With the mouse you click on trees and stones to make them disappear. This gives you faith.

When you make enough place for building a house, a square appears along with a number and depending on how much space there is for this house, the bigger the house that can be built there. A bigger house gives you more faith and more people. Every now and then faith builds up in the form of pink bubbles (prayers?) that you will have to click to get it in your faith depositum. Also a flag appears when they have multiplied themselves. Clicking on the flag (tip: you can actually just click on their house) will let them out of their house and start working on building new houses or other assignments.

Moving land and other functionality (apart from clicking stones and trees) costs you faith points. So you need to have continuously enough faith to keep making your people happy – which in turn will give you faith – which you can use to make them happy etc etc. When these people have been working and running around for a while, they get tired and need healing to continue. You can click on them to give them that energy back to continue (+100health). This doesn’t seem to cost anything (yet).

If you want your people to go some special place to build new houses or to explore land, you can use a special shrine’s that kind of mind control your followers to move there. You will have to switch it off to make them do anything else than following you. The more faith points you have available to spend in your faith pool, the more functionality will be available to you at hand.

In the “story mode” you will have to explore and find cards in treasure boxes and reach set goals every time to get further in the game and unlock more functionality.

There is also a multiplayer mode. For single player you play against AI gods that battle you in either defeat or a certain objective (such as population, faith, diamonds gathered etc). The real multiplayer mode means you can play with other players via Steam against each other for similar objectives.

At time of writing Godus is in open beta. Numerous bugs and reduced functionality can be annoying, but that’s why it is a beta. I have good faith that it can be a great game in the future when all the other gameplay has been added, especially since it now already is an addicting game that makes you lose track of time.

Godus is available on Steam as a pre-release beta, currently priced at EUR 19. Regular patches makes more gameplay available and fixes a lot of bugs every time.

We most likely will play this game for the coming time and will write a review when this game is officially released to the public.

Game on!


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