Gaming news: Steam OS and Diablo 3

In todays gaming news: Steam and Blizzard with each their own message to the world.

Steam OS
Steam has been developing a Linux based operating system to be used for their upcoming console. The basic source code to the operating system is open source, so it can be improved and even be re-used in different devices.

So perhaps we can expect others to build a Super Steam based linux PC in the near future running the OS that Steam has developed and with the Linux Steam games pre-installed.

The planned Steambox isn’t released yet, so for now existing gamers of Steam will have the chance to go technical and try out this new way of playing games by installing the OS to their PC and then connecting their PC to a TV to enjoy their gameplay on big screen.

Diablo 3
Blizzard has a different message about their PC and Mac version of Diablo 3. They included an Auction House in the first version of the game which made sure you could sell and buy items for both ingame gold and real life money. The latter also meant that you could make real life money on items when selling them. People farmed their items in game and sold them for real money on the Auction Hall and made quite some money.

Now they have figured out that the Auction House in Diablo 3 is having a negative impact on the playerbase and the game itself.

So they announced this week that they will completely remove the auction house. With the upcoming loot 2.0 system changes and the removal of the auction house they hope to create a more rewarding loot and gaming system for their game.

However this shutdown will not happen until March 2014, so you still have the chance to make some decent money with the game or be lazy and get that legendary weapon through the auction hall.

Alright that’s it for now.

Game on!


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