GW2: Tequatl Rising video


Yesterday I managed to defeat Tequatl the Sunless since last weeks patch Tequatl Rising.


I made some new friends on Gandara (EU) and decided to guest that server to try to do this new boss fight.
On Gandara there is a guild that specializes themselves on killing this new boss.

The new version of Tequatl the Sunless has a few more phases built in to make it extra challenging for us players.

In phase 1 you need to keep the amount of scales below 20, which are making it hard to do any damage at all on Tequatl, so there is a melee combat team and a ranged combat team attacking near Tequatl.

Then there is six people doing the turrets and a certain amount of people defending and repairing these turrets as well. Also the laser turrets need some defense as to keep the operators alive.
The job of the Turrets is to remove the poison (skill 3), keeping the scales down on the boss (this is visible on Tequatl) using skill 2 and then there is skill 3-5 for special buffs and keeping poison off the turret. When the laser has hit Tequatl (after phase 2), there is 30 seconds of doing damage with skill 1 – 9000 at a time.

In phase 2 (a sub event starts) you need to defend the laser control rooms on four places. When the laser is fully charged you can go back to Tequatl. When the lasers are properly defended, the laser will charge up and when Tequatl wants to swipe down, the laser shoots at him making him fall down and lose it’s concentration for about 30 seconds.
So 30 seconds of doing full damage makes sure that the health bar goes down.

And then back to the same of melee, range, gunning and defending.

When you die, you cannot use the waypoint nearby as it is contested, so you need to use the one up north in the sea and swim back.

At some point you can end up in the poisonous understream, pulled under by the fingers of Tequatl if you get too close to them. Basicly it’s the water underneath the dragon, but that doesn’t really exist so you are in a sort of instance of poisoned water and you will have to swim your way up to the light to get out as quick as possible.

You will notice how much of the dear time on the timer is needed to get this boss down.

But we made it!

Check it out below:

But, this is definitely something I couldn’t accomplish alone.

Therefore I have to thank the Gandara Server (EU),
I thank the nice people on Gandara,
I thank the guild TEQ for the excellent tactics and coordination, not to mention the time they spend figuring out about this boss
and I thank my guildies in BtC for joining me.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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