Terraria 1.2 update


Terraria, a popular 2D retro-styled sandbox game for PC, came to light and got many fans for its great gamedesign.

The indie developer and his girlfriend had a good fanbase and created the most awesome content and patches.


Then in February 2012, the main developer and his girlfriend were going to receive their second child and decided to take a break on the development of Terraria. No more patches would come out: simply the death of Terraria.

The developer said that the project has had its time and that he was working on a newer project which was way better and interesting than Terraria ever could become.

But then in the beginning of 2013, the developers returned to the project and announced a possible new update to Terraria that would become bigger than the previous 1.1 update.

New ideas and new functionality was added or improved. With the pre-announced new and upcoming content, a new patch version number was announced to be launched on the 1st of October 2013.

This day is now soon going to happen, and therefore we would like to share you with the new functionality to be expected to arrive in Terraria at patch 1.2

Although the patch details aren’t final, a lot of content has been discussed or featured in screenshots or videos in the past months of development by the developers with the community. On base of that information, we will highlight here some of that content which is possibly going to be the content list for the coming 1.2 update.

– New weapons and new armour, based upon the new biomes that are being added as well as new looks and variations for sheer pleassure of the player.
– Colouring, both in dying of armour and painting of blocks
– New crafting options
– New enemies, with bosses included
– New NPC’s
– pets that can carry or help in combat
– Mob health bars
– Minimap to interface
– Auto climb half and single blocks, less jumping while traveling
– new biomes
– new music
and much more!

Recently a video was launched to prepare players for the launch of the patch.

Please do note that the video does contain a lot of spoilers. Watch at own risk:

Game on!


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