GTA 5 and Arma 3 preview


This week and last week were the launch of two top selling games, GTA 5 and Arma3.


Arma3 came out last week. This First person shooter plays off in a time in the near future set in an open world tactical shooting experience set in a time where NATO forces are fighting eastern countries with Iran in the lead.

Both GTA5 and Arma3 are open world, but Arma3 is more of a simulation game than anything pure FPS related. The single player allows for enough rookie experience to get up-to-par with the many challenges the online game offers.

For those who feel the single player experience isn’t enough, many players have built several challenges and single player mini campaigns through the ingame editor and made available for download on the community’s site.

There are few games where you would be sitting for a long time awaiting with your real-time watch looking at the guards exchange in the distance to time the perfect airstrike hit or similar online experiences you can play with online on several servers in the world.

Arma 3 was released on the 12th of September 2013 for Windows PC (via Steam and via a cased version in shops).

GTA5 is a totally different story though. With more than 800 million USDollars worth of sales in the first 24 hours of its release yesterday, it is already scoring better than Call of Duty – Black Ops 2.

GTA5 is going to make more, much more money than this. Not only on the sales that are still going strong, but also on the more important after-sales process when Take Two and Rockstar Games will release more content to the online bit of Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 5 is perhaps also an open-world simulation, but is much more about taking care of criminals, working with criminals and underground racing.

GTA 5 has become much better in many ways than its predecessors. The world is bigger (maps of both GTA4 and GTA3 would fit in it), the gameplay aspecs are better (driving feels again like racing, shooting is more intense and you will have to be tactical about hiding behind objects to cover for incoming fire. Other activities have also been improved to gain a better experience. The player will now have the possibility to switch between three main characters. These characters are part of the main storyline and it will make sure that players don’t need to drive for hours around in the huge city to get to the next assignment.

GTA 5 comes with a multiplayer version where upto 16 players can join and freely roam into a world full of assignments and races.

GTA 5 has been released on Xbox360, PS3 at the 17th of September 2013

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