Upcoming Minecraft patch


Although there is nothing stated yet about a new patch coming any time soon, there are new pre-releases and test versions of new content they are working on. I made a new profile for it with their new launcher and decided to take a look what has changed sofar.


The coming update seems to have much to do with the generator, as I have mentioned before. The seeding and generating of worlds will be more diverse for a number of reasons.

For one they will change the generator very much. This is probably beyond my level of understanding, so we will just say that if things were random, they will be even more so. With the current version oceans could become rather big, as all biome’s were becoming bigger and bigger. In the new version Oceans will not rule as much and the diversity of different biomes will be having a bigger chance, so less ocean, more land.

They have added a lot of new biomes to the game, which will make it much more interesting. I do have to mention that this isn’t definite for launch yet, so a lot is just being tested and might even get removed again before they would launch it.

The normal forest seems to now also spawn big versions of mushrooms. Or is this something that was already the case? I am not sure.

Even there where an Ocean or a River resides, has become its own biome. Perhaps to create smoother borders, they all have become part of the generator.

Also every part of Ice area has gotten their own area, such as Ice plains, Ice mountains etc.

I also saw extreme hills (perhaps old already) and the newer Extreme Hills+.

I will just give you some screenshots I made here, and tell you what you can see.

Flower Forest
This place or biome looks a little overdone. I suppose they will finetune it. It is literrary scattered by flowers on anywhere grass was before. It makes it very colourful for sure, but it looks a little like someone had their mouse button stuck while painting the terrain.

Roofed Forest
Here you see a forest over a forest. Very interesting look. Gives you a shadow idea of bigger trees, like in a jungle. Quite interesting to have your adventure in. Think of all the creatures spawning here because of the darkness.

Birch Forest
For those light wood house building lovers. So many trees here, enough to cut down!

Great Canyon
This is an entire new area, I wonder if there are new blocks here for the colour? It looks awesome sofar. What will they add to the game for this? New creatures? New animals? I yet have to find them still. Perhaps they are a little hidden, or perhaps it didn’t come with yet on this patch afterall.

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