Tequatl rising


Oh the living story in Guild Wars 2 keeps evolving this time they are introducing GODZILLA! oh i mean a more powerful Tequatl the Sunless.


So what does this mean?

This new patch will feature more stronger world bosses this time they will be more challenging for once! Tequatl himself will get an overhaul he will be more meaner, faster ,and more powerful then ever. Do you dare to face him or will you poop your pants out of fear?

There will be a developer life stream on September the 20th.


Gamers rejoice anet is finally introducing the Looking for group tool. did you have troubles finding a group? no problem the LFG tool will get you grouped up in no time!

Now it’s time for some WvW news:

New Ruins of Power in World vs. World

Big changes are coming to the eternal war in The Mists! Each borderland map in WvW has been redesigned to include five new Ruins of Power—capture points that armies can battle over in order to earn lethal Bloodlust boosts for everyone on their server!

New WvW Ability: Flame Ram Mastery

Prepare to knock some gates down and set stuff on fire! Become tougher and more effective in those heated siege situations by earning ranks in the new Flame Ram Mastery ability!

Oh oh oh and there will be a new reward. You can get dragon wings that look exactly like tequatls!

This is it from Guild wars 2 for now. The patch will be life September the 17th.


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