LP Minecraft with Steven episode 2 – first house


In this second episode of Let’s Play Minecraft with Steven, we are going to build our first house.


Construction of a new building means you need to clean the area where a building will take form. It’s similar to what they do in real life when they are going to build. Hours and hours are used on making a base for the house. As this type of job is tedious and doesn’t inspire you to play Minecraft, I did the job already before I started the video.

There were a few other tedious jobs during the build of the house, which I also cut away so that it looks way more streamlined and you can actually see the result of this days building on the end of the video.

Several nights went past and some were spend on the walls of the house while others I spend time waiting in my cellar house for the new daylight.

Now that I have a house, I should perhaps go and look for sheep and get myself a bed constructed to decorate the house. Also since we have now carpets since 1.6.4 I should construct more decoration that way.

But first you should see this weeks episode with the actual building of my little house. The house is far from complete. I will expand it with better stones, a second floor..and more.

See my second video, First house building:

Have fun, have a great weekend game on and see you soon!


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