News from Mojang


Mojang, famous of Minecraft, is coming with a lot of news lately.


First of all they are organising their next Minecon. Don’t bother ask if there are still tickets available, they are sold out by a long time already. The first batch of 2500 tickets got sold out in a mere minutes. The next 3 batches are gone too.
Mojang doesn’t allow press on the event, so we will all have to wait for the live streams coming available to get the latest news from them when the event has started. But we can wait a little, as Minecon isn’t happening before the second and third of November 2013.

Last week there was the event GamesCom and two announcements were made by Mojang:

1) Cobalt is coming for Xbox360 and XboxOne
2) Minecraft is coming to PS3, PS4 and PSVita.

(I am wondering when Mojang is planning to do the move to Nintendo’s consoles, but that could take another year or two I suppose, since it also took a while between the move from Microsoft to Sony).

While I was going to write something about recent tweets of _Jeb about supposedly upcoming changes, Mojang released a weblog on their website about exactly that. They have been working on the generator quite a bit, more variety of biomes, spreading of biomes, less big oceans, higher landscapes and more flora and fauna as well as animals. What exactly will be launched in 1.7 we don’t know yet, but we do know that they are working on the generator! Great news!

Last but not least Scrolls came with a new update called “Decay”. It includes a new pre constructed deck, six new challenges and 46 new scrolls, among many bugfixes and general look changes to the game and interface.

Good stuff! Game on!


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