Nintendo announcing a new 2DS?


Today Nintendo announced a new DS, the 2DS. What is this for console and why is this being launched.


The 2DS is there for those who want to play all these new 3DS titles, but do not want to play on a 3DS, don’t have a 3DS or cannot see the 3D part of the 3DS, so the 2DS will be able to play all the 3DS and DS titles. The looks, from what we have seen so far, comes closer to a tablet then a classical handheld console.

We think this is specifically tailored to a certain group of the playerbase. No 3D effects for those kids still developing their eyes, no 3D effects for those who cannot handle it, or simply can’t see it. Also the form/shape of the console seems to be laying easier in your hands and from what I could see of the console sofar, the console looks more firm and robust. It will handle a smack here and there. An interesting new thing from Nintendo.

Also announced Nintendo today that they will do a price cut on new ultimate WiiU consoles.

Now we just hope for another Nintendo Direct, to clarify and backup all this sudden news.

Game on!


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