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We can soon see the return of the Super Adventure Box!!!


Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2 is currently still in the Queen’s Speech update and all the events that have caused it. What will happen to this story isn’t clear yet, as ArenanNet updated their event website with something totally different. The new thing added to Guild Wars 2 on the 3rd of September (following the strict every two weeks major updates schedule) is the return of the Super Adventure Box.

The Super Adventure Box was really added originally as an April’s Fool joke, but became immensively popular among the playerbase, because it was in retro style and with a lot of challenges.

Now the smart genius Azura Moto comes back with his virtual reality simulator with world 2 implemented. So from next Tuesday and onwards you will be able to do the challenges of both world 1 and world 2 and unlock all the secrets and tools with it. Also perhaps you will be able to save the princess? An extra difficulty mode has been added, called Tribulation mode. Expect lots of jumping, fighting 2D monsters and puzzling your way through the maze to the end bosses of several levels in world 2.

Rewards are in the form of more weapon skins of the missing weapon types as well as the weapons of some important bosses in the Adventure Box.

By this patch, also some other things are going to change:

– Legendary weapons will get an offensive infusion slot.
– Legendary weapons will get a stat boost and out of combat you will be able to change your stats around on this weapon.
– Most legendary weapons will get a new look / visuals.
– Magic Find stat will be removed from all items, but will be replaced by some other stat
– Magic Find will from now on be account-wide, you can influence it by using a Luck Essence
– Ascended weapons will be craftable by Weaponsmith, Artificer and Huntsman
– The crafting skill cap will be raised to 500 for the weaponcrafters.

I suppose, that there are more fixes to come, but they will not be announced until the actual patch day next Tuesday.

Game on!


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