GamesCom 2013 – Microsoft and EA

Microsoft and EA have both given a press conference offering more details on their upcoming games.

Microsoft for one has changed their view on how to publish games to the console (indie publishing platform) as well as how licenses for games are treated. After the presentation back in May, which was not very well received by the gaming community, they had to re-think their strategy and will now go for a more traditional retail model for their software.

Indie developers will also be able to publish their games for the new Xbox One console more easily and will give them the extra support of events, forums and technical assistance. Indie developers will be able to self-publish to the console and make use of the full capabilities of the console such as the Kinect, Second Screen, smartglass and all the cloud services.

The indie developers have been answering sceptical to this new news though, so we will have to wait and see what Microsoft really comes out with when Xbox One launches later this year (or next year for some).

On the gaming side of Microsoft: Microsoft has finally announced a new Fable title, Fable Legends. It will feature four player co-op, smart glass support, second screen and will be a Xbox One exclusive title.

Next to Fable, Cobalt will come to Xbox One. Cobalt is a game produced by Mojang and Oxeye Game Studio.

EA announced the new Sims which will be more based upon emotions. Your sims will respond to what you place in the house even more now, and you will be interacting with your sims more on a emotional basis.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be a open world experience with a strict Bioware storyline. The player will take the lead in the adventure as an Inquisitor and will be able to make important decissions about life and death in the realm.

Other games that were showcased with gameplay footage were Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Titanfall.

Game on!


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