GW2: Queen’s Speech


Coming today on Guild Wars 2 is the Queen’s Speech!


You heard that one right, the Queen in Guild Wars 2, Queen Jennah, is going to speak to the people of Tyria. What she has to tell us is still a secret, so we won’t hear it until tomorrow. What is sure is that you as a Guild Wars 2 player can be with on it (we think that it is an instanced event that can be played by anyone on any time during the living story timeframe).

Otherwise it is just another moment to patch the game for a few neat functions:

Birthday gifts
Those who have played (and own a character that is one year old) will receive a birthday gift in the form of a Mini Queen Jennah, a 24 hour birthday booster and a scroll of experience.

World vs World PvP has gotten a new balance on World XP, what you get initially, what is rewarded etc. Also your world ability points are being altered.

World vs. World Trebuchet Mastery
Become a master of destruction with the new Trebuchet Mastery ability line! With this you can increase your efficiency with Trebuchets in the WvW pvp.

The end of Culling
Culling will be switched off for PvE environments. PvP and WvW will still hold it, to allow more players in the same time in the same area, while PvE will enjoy more people in one map in full armour.

Are you also wondering what the Queen has to say?

Game on!


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