Nintendo and HTML5

On this years GDC Europe that runs from the 19th of August until the 21st of August 2013, Nintendo has announced and explained more about their HTML5 compatible framework that can convert HTML5 and javascript produced games into WiiU applications.

With the new framework and a set of tools, (indie) developers will be able to convert their existing (or programmed) HTML 5 games that use a set of javascript scripts to the WiiU platform.

Also a dev kit became available with which developers of games get the full potential of the WiiU and the WiiU gamepad. They can use the gyroscope, the touch pad, the speakers etc for their games.

In other developer news, tomorrow Nintendo will come with the details and extended tools for the popular Unity platform, so that games can easily be published to WiiU through Unity.

This promises lots and lots of new games, developed by indie developers and who knows by you and me?

Otherwise Nintendo has made Approval easier, less expensive and bringing updates to your software is free of charge.

We are looking forward to play a lot of new games on the WiiU soon!

Game on!


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