Summer Special – Rømmegrøt in Algård 2

In this new Summer Special you will see The Game Mistress and her friends and family on an epic adventure.

No, we are not eating anything, no we aren’t either gaming directly, but we are biking… on rails of an old train line in Norway. We did this last July nearby with our friends and family who were visiting us a couple of days before our marriage.

The Algårdsbanen in Norway have a club that have these special bikes with which you can bike on an old train line. It is a single track which stops right before Algård. When there’s other people on the same line and they want to go in the opposite direction, you will have to lift the very heavy trainbike off the rails to let others pass.

The title Rømmegrøt in Algård has to do with a similar video we made back in 2011 with a friend of ours that named it that way. This is ofcourse the second installment of that movie.

Check out our video of our epic adventure!

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