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Some neat apps for Minecraft fans, for on your Android telephone! All these apps are also available for those on iOS.


Minecraft Paperstudio
Remember I wrote a while back about Minecraft Paperstudio for iOS? This software with which you can design your own character and then print it out on paper to make papercraft figures out, is soon coming to Android as well.

Click here for Papercraft studio for iOS
Recently a new update came to the iOS version of this software, with a feature called EasyCraft. With EasyCraft you can easily turn a common cardbox into a Minecraft world attribute.

See here how Easycraft works:

Minecraft Skinstudio
Minecraft Skinstudio is a program for both iOS and Android in which you can design and rate Minecraft skins. The skins are then usable by your minecraft account (whether that is Pocket or Desktop edition doesn’t matter), by uploading it directly to Mojang.

Download Minecraft Skinstudio here (both iOS and Android)

Minecraft Seeds
With Minecraft Seeds you can browse and search through several exciting Minecraft seeds. They are currently having over 500.000 seeds in their database. Seeds are algorithmic codes that can generate the world in the same way on your PC as it did on the PC of the creator. You can add your own seeds when you have found some new and exciting ones. They are posted with a screenshot and soon there will also be support for videos (via youtube). Minecraft Seeds is available for both iOS and Android. They have next to Desktop Minecraft, also seeds for the Pocket Edition and Xbox360 edition of Minecraft.
Click for Minecraft Seeds Pro for iOS here
Click for Minecraft Seeds Pro for Android here

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