The Wonderful 101 (WiiU)


The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101

An hour ago there was a Nintendo Direct specifically for the upcoming game The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo WiiU. Here’s my report from that broadcast.


In this short broadcast, the main producer of The Wonderful 101 game explained all the features of the game.

In The Wonderful101 you need to save citizens and defeat the evil enemies that are terrorizing the earth. With upto 100 heroes you do this by working together using the Unite skills. Drawing on the WiiU gamepad in a certain symbol will call forth these different Unite Morphs.

The Wonderful 101 Unite Morph drawing on WiiU Gamepad
The Wonderful 101 Unite Morph drawing on WiiU Gamepad

If you draw a circle, your heroes will unite and morph into a giant hand
If you draw a straight line, your heroes will unite and morph into a giant sword
If you draw an straight angle, your heroes will unite and morph into a giant gun
and if you draw a waivy line, your heroes will unite and morph into a whip.

The giant hand is used for delivering big punches, the sword for melee combat, the gun for ranged combat and the whip is to throw off spikey armour among other things.

The amount of heroes you have will influence the size of your Unite morph.

You find civilians that you need to rescue by the HELP balloons popping up over the screen. You now should circle around the group of civilians on your gamepad and they will be saved.

Note that civilians can become temporary heroes as well.

The Wonderful 101 Unite Sword Morph
The Wonderful 101 Unite Sword Morph

There are a number of Unite Morphs that are only available when you are doing the quests in mission mode, these are morphs that will help you complete the puzzles, such as drawing a link between two train wagons will create a chain link holding them together or drawing a line straight up a building will create a ladder, drawing a line over a body of water will create a bridge etc.

In the game there is also a Wonderful Mart. This is a special store for heroes. In the store you can buy items but also different Unite Morphs as well as powerups in the form of charge blocks that can give you temporarily extra health for example.

The missions in the game are to be completed, but to give you some different ways to complete them, a score is given based upon how fast you completed it and how beautiful you have done so. There’s different ways to defeat the enemies and with the right amount of power you can do it also quicker, resulting in higher end scores. This way missions can be played several times, just to get the highest score for the quickest and best performed missions.

The Wonderful 101 heroes
The Wonderful 101 heroes

The developer concluded with a few tips, where of the Climb Attack which means that your heroes will be climbing and clinging on to your enemy. Have enough heroes clinging on to your enemy and the enemy becomes immobilized.
There’s also something called multi-unite morph. With Multi-unite morth activated you are able to combine up to five unite morphs to defeat the enemy faster and more beautifully.

You can also learn skills during your use of the unite morph weapons, which will make your morph weapons more useful and the battle scene will become more diverse.

The Wonderful 101 consists of up to 100 heroes, the name Wonderful 101 comes from the fact that you are the extra person controlling all these heroes.

The Wonderful 101 will be launched on the 23rd of August 2013, but they released a demo for you right now which you can download and try out from the WiiU eShop!

Below you will find The Wonderful 101 extended trailer:

Become a wonderful hero!


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