Project Giana


Do you remember Great Giana Sisters from 1987 on Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, MSX2 and Commodore 64?
Or perhaps you played a version that was made for Nintendo DS in 2009?


The original game had a close resemblance of Mario Brothers of Nintendo, but varied in more strategic choices, more platform functionality and more power ups. Also the story was a little different. Giana is stuck in her dreamworld and has to get a ruby to get out of the dreamworld. She could get special powers by obtaining spinning balls of power that would come out of blocks, in which she had banged her head into. The special powers gave her new abilities to solve problems in the world of platforming.

This platform game with two sisters is now being rewritten for PC with a twist and you can help them make it!
The new game will be based upon the old game where a little girl is stuck in a dream world, but with a twist. While in the old version the girl got punky and powerful with a power up, in this new game you can switch between cute and punky within the dream world any time and any place, simply by a press of a button.

This will then immediatly transform the whole world, the girl and the abilities of the girl. The new game has beautiful graphics and a dynamic changing world. Although we have not been able to get our hands on it yet, that from what we have seen of the video and screenshots, it seems to be an awesome to be published new game.

Black Forest Games (Germany) have nearly finished their 25 year jubileum game title, which they are producing without publisher, but they need help from the community (Kickstarter) to finish it off and get it on the shelves.The game will release first on PC and later on Xbox360, Playstation and perhaps even Ouya.

How fast and how much content will be included on these releases, will all depend on backers backing the project.
Read more information about the project or back the project with your money at Project Giana!

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