Nintendo Direct 07 Aug 2013


In this European Nintendo Direct Nintendo explains more about their upcoming WiiU and 3DS games.


Satoru Iwata opens the Direct broadcast with Sonic Lost World which is coming out on WiiU and 3DS on the 18th of October 2013. This game will come with various levels and mind bending challenges on objects into the skies and through tunnels. Also a new enemy in the form of the … six. The game will suit for players with different player preferences as there are three different level types to choose from.

On the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World you are able to link up to the WiiU version of the game and using Tail’s lab you can send RC vehicles to the WiiU version of the game to help out on the missions.

Rayman Legends is coming out soon (29th of August) with a lot more flavour added to the game than originally planned. You can play this game with up to five players. On the WiiU you are able to play the game off-TV using the gamepad. Also the gamepad gives the second player a different play role than the other players on classical Wiimotes. The game has five worlds which you will have to explore to save the Pixies and to find all the secrets. While you are playing you will unlock more and more levels of the Rayman Origins game, which you will be able to re-visit in this game. An extra addition as the series have now come to the Nintendo Console is the possibility to use Mario and Luigi Costumes for Rayman and his friend.

On the 9th of August (coming Friday), Art Academy Sketchpad will come available through the eShop with which you will be draw professionally on the WiiU GamePad. Artwork made through this software can be shared on the Miiverse community. They are still looking into a method of presenting it to a greater amount of people.

An Indev Art Lessons version of Art Academy will also come available later, but exactly when is not sure yet.

In Legend of Zelda news today we have some more info on the upcoming Link Between Worlds for 3DS game. This game will launch in November 2013 and will let us play in a Link to the Past similar world and storyline, but will show us new dungeons, new puzzles and let us transform into a drawing to change between worlds or to solve puzzles.

Wind Waker HD (WiiU) will come available on the 4th of October 2013 with a visually stunning version of their original Nintendo Gamecube game. To improve the game they have fine tuned the challenge mode that is available on the second half of the game, as well as made saving the game quicker and made the Wind Waker action quicker as well.

In the news of Animal Crossing, a new Animal Crossing Plaza will come available this week where we see an Animal Crossing New Leaf style of world inside the WiiU with International posts and characters of the community. With the SDCard from the 3DS you can share pictures stored on this card on the Animal Crossing Plaza. The Animal Crossing Plaza has a way to search through posts, as well as following key characters such as the Town secretary. It will be available for free.

Animal Crossing is also coming with recommendation codes for Nintendo Club. Between the 7th of August and the 7th of October you can register your game via the club and get a recommendation code. This code you can share with your friends that don’t have the game yet. With it they can trial the game and you can get stuff back from it.

On the 15th of August 2013 Pokemon Rumble U will come out with all the Pokemon from the black and white versions. You can catch more as a collector or battle among them. They can all be displayed on the screen.

On the software side there will be a new music program available, called Korg M01 Music Workstation. With it you can create beautiful music using the famous Korg M1 emulator with many instruments available at your disposal. Made compositions can be exported using regular MIDI data which then can be used in professional productions. The software will come available somewhere in Autumn.

Steam World RPG is a Western action platformer available right now for Nintendo 3DS.

Also on 3DS right now available is Super Mario Bros 2 on Virtual Console.

Then there is a huge list of indie games that is coming out soon on the eShop for WiiU:
– Cubemen 2
– Festival of Magic
– Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams
– Ittle Dew
– Knytt Underground
– March of War (RTS)
– Monkey Pirates
– Nihi Lumbra
– Pure Chess
– Q.u.b.e. Directors Cut
– Scram Kitty & his buddy on rails
– So Hungry
– Squids Deluxe
– Tengami
– TeslaGrad
– TNT Racers
– Wooden Sen’seY

Here’s some more announcements on release dates:

– On the 13th of September 2013 Soul Hackers will be released
– On the 8th of November 2013 Professor Layton will be released, it’s the last one in the series!
– A special game is coming out in Early 2014 called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton, where they both will work on an extensive case.

Furthermore Nintendo announced that they will have a special release Nintendo Direct Broadcast coming friday the 9th of August for the Wonderful 101.

See the whole Nintendo Direct Show once more here.

Game on!

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