Pikmin 3 mission mode video


Pikmin 3 mission mode video
Pikmin 3 mission mode video

As promised a Pikmin 3 Mission Mode video. I did the Thirsty Desert on platinum level for you!


We are delayed by one day because of a mighty thunderstorm last evening and night, but after rain comes always sunshine as you can see! In this mission I have to collect treasure and kill creatures within a 10 minute time limit. I thought it would become a golden award, but I actually managed to do a platinum for you!

Unfortunately our laptop died and with that I used to record the commentaries. So today no commentary to the video, but instead I will tell a little bit more about the game here.

Pikmin 3 is a very nice game with a lot of “aah” factor in it. You do feel sorry when you accidently kill a Pikmin, or when they get eaten by the many dangerous creatures you find in the world.

I remember playing the first mission and forgetting one Pikmin at the end. When the sun came up he was screaming for that I forgot him. I felt all sorry and hated myself. Think of the effect this game has on me. There are not many games that can do that to me.

Anyway, in this mission, you also see one of the main problems I have with the controls of Pikmin 3, the pointer is difficult to steer. So there are a lot of missed opportunities of getting the target even quicker just because the controls are so buggy.

Even though this is so annoying, I did actually manage to complete this challenging level at Platinum level, so I am proud of myself!

Want to see what this was all about? Then check the video yourself:

Game on!
The Game Mistress

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