Games backlog update

Today we tell you about our games backlog, the type of list you get as a gamer with all the games you haven’t completed or started on yet.

We both are still playing Guild Wars 2 ofcourse, which we will continue to do. Next to that you will see us hopefully soon return to MineCraft with some new adventures.

We also both play Animal Crossing on the 3DS, although that’s mainly The Game Mistress here, as she is owning the game and is therefore the mayor of her town, while Steven is there just a citizen.

Today I (The Game Mistress) have played out the storymode of Pikmin 3 (WiiU), but that doesn’t mean this game is over and out yet, as it unlocked challenges mode. So I will be playing that for the coming time. Also I think I will publish a video soon with some Pikmin 3 challenge mode content.

Torchlight 2 is still on my backlog, playing that currently solo but perhaps we will try to do also an episode of that together with Steven again sometime soon.

I’m also going to play Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS soon again, it has been laying around for a while during the summer holidays and it was shortly moved aside because of Animal Crossing.

Steven says he will find and play some sort of indie title. That promises ofcourse a new preview or review about it.
Steven also hopes to play Asherons Call 2 (with or without me), I will have to see if there’s time left for that.

Who knows what else will come up with the upcoming games in August (tomorrow’s article) such as Rayman Legends.

So, how is your games backlog looking like?

Game on!
The Game Mistress

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