GW2: Jumping Puzzle Walkthrough


Guild Wars 2 Jumping Puzzle Walkthrough in Metrica Province
Guild Wars 2 Jumping Puzzle Walkthrough in Metrica Province

A couple of weeks ago I did a walkthrough of a jumping puzzle I found in Metrica Province in Guild Wars 2.


This rather challenging puzzle is hidden away between rocks and bushes but goes actually over the map in the great heights. It makes use of a portal system with attunement devices. If you don’t attune to them or visit them in the wrong order, you get portalled back to where you came from. Frustrating at first, until you figure this out.

Falling of the platforms isn’t a good idea either as you get portalled back to start. Luckily, you have the option to use a transporter goblin to transport you to the start of the last level you just entered, as soon as you have attuned for these other portals.

As you will see in the beginning of the video, it takes time to figure out which way to go first and what portals are the right ones (as well as how difficult it can be to time events and jumping the small platforms). Also sometimes you need to take a different road just to activate something to go back the other way again for the next level.Unfortunately the camera does also still bug in Guild Wars 2 which can make doing jumping puzzles an annoyance.

To make it even more difficult, as if jumping wasn’t difficult enough at great heights with Acrophobia and Vertigo, is it windy, cold and electrifying up there. Also several monsters will try to knock you off your socks – and of the platform if possible.

The result is an exciting 13-minute walkthrough video of this puzzle.

Have fun!

Game on!

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