Guild Wars 2 – Cutthroat Politics


In this recent patch the live story continues. Cutthroat Politics is about the voting candidate process that we all know of any countries’ political voting system. There are two candidates making sure we pay attention to them and will vote for them.


Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade are battling for a position that came available by the previous live story where one member of the Zephyr Counsel got assasinated.

To be able to support either Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade, you need to play their games, events and dungeons in order to receive voting badges which you can then drop into the candidates’ voting dropboxes.

For each support token you deliver, you will receive one support button which gives you by usage a special buff upto an hour with which special achievements can be unlocked.

Many minigames, mini dungeons and PvP dungeons have been added in which support tokens can be earned.

If you didn’t complete the Bazaar of the Four Winds achievements yet, you can still do so until the 6th of August.
Do note though that the Cutthroat Politics support token story doesn’t last long at all. It will stop accepting support tokens on the 5th of August at 11am PST (2pm GMT+2).

New achievements have been added to the Living World, Support Ellen Kiel, and Support Evon Gnashblade categories that involve participating in Candidate Trials, Aspect Arena, Southsun Survival and showing support while participating in other content.

Completing the Gnashblade Supporter meta-achievement awards the player a Mini Evon Gnashblade. Completion of this meta-achievement requires players to complete 6 of the Support Evon Gnashblade achievements.

Completing the Kiel Supporter meta-achievement awards the player a Mini Ellen Kiel. Completion of this meta-achievement requires players to complete 6 of the Support Ellen Kiel achievements.

Otherwise the game also gets bugfixes, new features and class changes in each patch.

Cutthroat Politics came out on last Tuesday evening.

Don’t know how to start off? Read this starters guide.

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