After the wedding


Now that we got married, the guests have returned home and the mess has been cleaned, we have more time again to write articles for the Game Mistress website.


The marriage itself was beautiful! We had fantastic weather (27 – 30 degrees Celcius) and not a cloud on the sky.

On the party we met many friends and family, many of them are proud Game Mistress followers.

Because of the busy time, the wedding and the days after, we didn’t manage to write much or edit any videos, but now that things have cleared up we do.

Therefore you can also expect material today and tomorrow. Today starts with an introduction on a new live storyline in Guild Wars 2. Tomorrow we will publish an article. Over the weekend it might be a little silent again but we will try to publish at least one more article. After the weekend you can expect a video coming up that we produced two weeks ago. Also more articles can be expected as well as an update on our backlog and ofcourse on Thursday the game releases for August.

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