Review: Kirby’s Adventure (Wii)


Our little pink hero finally gets a game on the Wii that he deserved after a long time! Kirby returns to his roots in this fun platform game.


Story: One day Kirby is happily carrying a slice of his favourite cake. King Dedede and Waddle Dee are following him, while Meta Knight is happily reading his book, until a huge ship enters Dreamland, crashing onto the ground and losing all its parts. The four decide to explore what exactly is going on and they find the ship is the “Lor Starcutter”, piloted by Magolor.

Kirby and his friends discover that the Lor Starcutter is missing five vital pieces due to the crash. They agree in helping Magolor and as a thank you Magolor invites them for a trip to his home world.

The game play is just like a Kirby game is supposed to be like. Finally you can once again inhale your enemies. New features are:

– super inhale: inhale bigger enemies or more smaller enemies and blocks to release a powerful attack.
– super abilities: eat a special enemy to get a more powered version for the old ability.
for example the “Ultra Sword ability”: Kirby summons an insane large sword destroying everything that is in his way. The catch to these super forms are that they only last a certain amount of time.

Now also the usual abilities are back, like Inhale, flying, swimming, which is more than welcomed. Inhale your enemies to copy their abilities. The game play itself is fairly easy, you control the little pink guy by holding your Wii remote sideways/horizontal, move with the (cross= and press (1) and (2) or a combination of those.
Some stages have mini-boss fights, hidden dimensions you have to explore, to fight a special mini boss that has energy orbs. These energy orbs are scattered across each stage. Get them all to unlock special skill room (challenges and mini games in the Lor Starcutter).

After completing all the levels you get to reach the boss stage at the end of the world. Defeat the boss to recover a missing part for the Starcutter. After retrieving the missing part you can advance to the next level where goofy colourful stages await!

Each world has several levels which follow the traditional feel of the original Kirby game. There are hidden rooms scattered across the levels make sure you explore them, you never know what they may contain! Be warned everything that looks cute will kill you! If that’s not enough the world itself has some dangerous obstacles that will gladly flatten or hurt you.

Another new addition is the multiplayer co-op play function. While playing, another player in the room can quickly join by simply grabbing the Wii remote and pressing (2). He can then choose to play as any of Kirby’s friends with the cross and confirm joining the game with that character with (2). Only Kirby has the copy ability, the others come with their own abilities which are fun to explore! In multiplayer the other players share your life, so they can aid you or be a fun hindrance. You can sit on their back if you are too lazy to play yourself, heal each other by touching each other’s face or Kirby can inhale his friends to attack his enemies. It adds more fun and chaos to the game in the same time.

Kirby’s copy ability is more diverse than ever, this time you can do more than one move with each ability, like Fire Kirby can turn into a fire ball , shooting from a to b or spit fire with sparks. If you spam up and down on the controller, you can summon a powerful energy bolt, shocking your enemies. Or you can electrocute them as usual. Every copy ability has their own set of skills. It’s just about exploring them, which makes the game fun! Some copy abilities are vital to find hidden rooms and hidden energy orbs.

The graphics in this game are extremely colourful, yet gorgeous looking. Every stage has its own background detail. Each world on itself has a fantastic design, fitting to their theme. The animations are as expected in a Kirby game, hilarious and adorable.
Enemies have a very funny but cute design. Who would have guessed that such a cute and colourful world could be so dangerous?!

The music in this game is very charming. Some of it is played by an orchestra. The typical famous sounds return from the original game, but with a twist. The music never gets boring, each level has various tones and background sounds. The background music does a good job adding that extra feel to the game.

Good points

– The new abilities add extra fun to the game.
– A new colourful world is always fun to explore, by bringing the game back to its roots, they’ve managed to keep it interesting
– Minigames are a blast to play alone or with families, they are well worth the players time.
– Boss fights are extremely fun, especially later on in the levels as they get harder.
– Enough unlockable content and replay value.

Bad point
– The game can feel to be too easy at some points, there is a hardmode though, but you will have to play through the whole game to unlock it.

It’s a colourful game with lots of charm and there is a lot of content to keep you busy. At times it can though feel a little easy. The game luckily has a hardmode, but this cannot be activated before you have played through it entirely.

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