GW2 Bazaar of the Four Winds


While the current Sky Pirates update is still running (part of the Dragon Bash event), ArenaNet is already showing us upcoming content named Bazaar of the Four Winds.


This coming patch with events starting on the 9th of July already (which is Tuesday), merchants are coming from all corners of Tyria to share and sell their wares. All sorts of shadey and risky trades for movements, skills and magical items. What that really means is unclear to me.

If you want to see some stuff of this already before the release, then there will be a Developer livestream a day earlier on Monday the 8th of July on their Twitch channel.

Let’s see what you can expect on coming week’s patch:

A New Mini-game: Belcher’s bluff, it’s a PvP mode minigame in which you have to drink Omnomberry juice and then belch??

Sanctum Sprint – a race that will lead you over barriers and fly through the air. You will need your special skills to navigate through the obstacles in this fastpaced race.

Lessons from the sky:
Explore the Labyrinthe Cliffs in this scavenger hunt that will lead you in search of Sky Crystals. You will need to use the elements to reach hard-to-get to places.

When you complete the meta event, you will receive a personal Quartz node in your home instance every day. Quartz is also a new type of material that is being released to the crafting part of th game.

Also you get the Zephyr Sanctum Model to teleport yourself to the ship, even when the event is over.

Along with the new games and rewards, there will also be some main content be launched for the game:

A new PvP map:
Skyhammer – high tech assura lab with jump pads and a cannon.

Account Achievement Reward System
Finally you will be able to do something with the thousands of points you saved up.

New and improved Achievement Panel User Interface
Finally we can keep track of our achievement progress in a simple manner.

World vs World Build and Repair Mastery
With Build Mastery you can build siege weapons more quickly or put points into repair mastery so that you need less resources to repair walls and gates.

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