Unboxing the OUYA!


My OUYA! arrived and so it is time to show you how this console is looking like and what it can do.


First of all this console is small. Very small. It’s smaller than the Nintendo 3DS and even the controller of the console is twice as big. Then again, a mobile phone or tablet PC with Android installed is often smaller than this one again, but they wouldn’t come with two USB slots, one HDMI and one micro USB slot.

Even though it all looks simple, it is capable to run games, movies and so on on Full HD.

After some fiddling with cables and batteries we started the console. The first thing the console does is get a network connection via either wireless or ethernet (we had it ethernet plugged) and perform firmware updates.

After that it is making or logging in to your account, forcefull adding either a redeem card or a creditcard and then you can play with the console itself.

The play button doesn’t work yet as you will first have to go into Discover mode to show and download different games. The interface isn’t the best sofar yet, but it is neat to be able to see how far your download is while you are browsing the games gallery. Also the console supports multiple downloads at the same time, something that not all high rank consoles can handle.

The controllers use bluetooth to connect to the console. This means automatically that you can also use other controllers for your (or some of the) games.

We haven’t tried many games out but generally the console seems to have some problems running the content. Whether this is pure lack of proper hardware or simply a software problem that has to be fixed, is unknown. I do believe that this console can be great for the casual gamer and the multiplayer games will do good on the family party market.

But than again, the games were pretty fun. And that what is so great with this console is that it has all the possibilities to hack the console. Lot’s of programmers out there are already producing different software packages that will improve the OUYA experience as well as alter its software its based upon. The console comes pre-rooted, so you basicly have all the access you need to change

Without further delay, here’s our video:

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