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This is the first episode of our Summer Holiday special in which we will perform several outside ‘games’ (sports) for young and old. We will present these as a video and an article. The first episode is about the ballgame called minigolf or miniature golf.


So The Game Mistress and Steven were on a holiday not too long ago where we made beautiful hikes in the mountains with beautiful lush nature and big waterfalls. On the camping where we were staying was a minigolf parcour. We decided on the first day that we really should play it before we left. And so we did, an hour before we had to leave again we played minigolf.

We thought it would be nice to share this with the Game Mistress community by making a video of this gaming adventure.

What we didn’t know before we started playing and filming were the other elements we would come across during the game. I won’t tell you exactly what, but you can have a guess by seeing all our other videos of ourselves… and… that it had four paws.

Minigolf is a form of normal golf but where the goal is to only putt the ball into the hole. The courses consist usually of about 18-20 meters and can be in any geometrical form. Usually the courses are having one or more obstacles such as tunnels, shapes that prevent a straight line to the hole and sometimes even mechanical systems. The game usually has originally a multiplication of 9 holes (9, 18 etc).

Our course had 12 holes I believe, in which the 12th hole took our ball, so it’s wise to check out such a thing if you would want to skip holes for later.

Officially you are supposed to complete the course from hole 1 to the last in that order. Each hit of the ball is a strike. The idea is to complete the course in the least amount of strikes. Hole-in-one is ofcourse the best way to complete the entire course, but not always easy and requires a flat lane and an exact and precise directional hit of the ball. Apart from that there is ofcourse the element of weather that plays a role in this sport. Perhaps therefore that this sport is professionally performed indoors. At strike 6 a penalty point to 7 is added, but you can also ofcourse try to hit it in at hit 7.

We have ‘changed’ the rules a little or rather we had generally just a lot of fun while showing you this game. We hit until 7 and if it wasn’t in, we added a + behind it (7+). Also The Game Mistress had some alternative rules for the game when the ball doesn’t get in.

Is this game really that difficult or did she pretend to be bad at it? How did Steven perform in this game?

Check out our video and find out!:

Game on and get out from time to time!

Steven and The Game Mistress

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