Summer Holiday Gaming – Part 2


It’s the start of the summer holidays for many of us and this means that we are usually going to travel in the car for several hours to reach a destination. Yesterday we explored the gaming options, today we concentrate on what other (gaming) activities you can occupy yourself with while traveling!

For starters there is the “hit the person next to you when you see a yellow car”-game. But less aggressively you could count certain types of cars on a piece of paper. Certain types, certain colours, count certain things along the road or count behaviour of other drivers. In a plane you could count the amount of people, the amount of turbulences you get or just make statistics about your flight.
At your destination there are ofcourse things such as swimming in a swimming pool, in a river or lake or in the sea.

We love to go on hikes in the mountains, see beautiful views from high tops and visit points of interest. At rainy days you can visit a museum and with beautiful weather you can visit amusement parks (The Game Mistress loves rollercoasters; I am less of an adrenaline junkie).
And what about sportive activities such as a game of Badminton, Croquet, Volleybal, Football, Minigolf or Table Tennis?

A bit more on the adrenaline side would be mountain climbing with ropes and a guide. Others would go for an adrenaline kick by going Parachuting, hang-gliding or bungy jumping. Not quite my type of activities though.

For me it would be badminton, minigolf or a nice bike ride, as well as a nice hike in the mountain.

So what will you do in your holidays?

Game on! (and go outside to enjoy the weather!)


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