Summer Holiday Gaming


It’s the start of the summer holidays for many of us and this means that we are usually going to travel in the car for several hours to reach a destination. At the destination we will be gaming a little less, but then there are other activities that will make up for it. Let’s explore the options!

First of all, many take their handheld console with on the journey. Some even a complete console to connect to the TV at the destination. Those traveling by car could use their hand console (if you don’t get car sick ofcourse). Taking the plane you can usually also use your handheld.

Note for those wanting to play with the telephone or similar tablet with mobile functionality: set your phone in plane-mode as (they say at least) the signals of mobile phones can interupt the communication of the plane with the ground and the auto-pilot functionality of the plane itself. Whether that is the truth I don’t know because some carriers are actually allowing mobile phone usage etc. If you don’t travel at all but stay home nicely, then it’s ofcourse even easier, but than it just means you have the whole summer to play games?! Just promise me: if it’s nice weather outside, enjoy also some outside activities then.

Today I will show you which games you could be playing the weeks to come. Tomorrow I will give you some alternatives outside the console gaming world!

On PSVita you can right now enjoy Tearaway, a fantastic game with a real interactive interface, using all of the PSVita’s systems actively. We wrote about this game earlier.
Another good one is Hotline Miami which is due to release in a couple of days.

WiiU has New Super Luigi U as a main release at this very moment, but with a rapid follow-up of Game & Wario in a couple of days. Also from July we can expect Pikmin 3 to be released. An exciting time for WiiU.

On the 3DS we are currently both enjoying Animal Crossing – New Leaf. This game is just the type of game you want to play in a holiday. It’s slow paced and allows you to do all kind of things. Slow paced, because you can also leave the game for a day and then it will open up for many more possibilities the day after.

For Xbox360 and PS3 its currently “The Last of Us” but soon there will be Dynasty Warriors 8 and also Hotline Miami.
On the iPhone, the iPad and on Android smartphones there are a lot of guessing games, which are excellent for brain training on your holiday. To complete that list there is Plants vs Zombies 2 arriving in July together with The walking Dead: 400 days.

On the PC we have next to all our favourite MMO’s some new interesting releases. Scrolls from Mojang was one game that has potential. Although some might find it having less content, Scrolls is still in beta and will get updated along the way.
Currently also for PC is Gunpoint, an excellent puzzle game for your holidays.
Coming up soon are the well-known The Walking dead – 400 days and Remember Me. Also there is Neverwinter and Super Mario Crossover 3.0.

Well that’s it for todays article. There are many more games coming up for each console, but these seem to be the most interesting games to me.

And tomorrow you can expect an article about the activities you can do beside console/mobile/pc gaming!

Game on!


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