Gaming news for June


SOme gaming news that might catch your interest.


Microsoft removes all DRM from Xbox One:
Yes this is a surprise as Microsoft is taking their words back. There will be No DRMm you can share used games with friends and family and you don’t ever have to be online to play your favourite Xbox one games.

The Mii plaza has been updated. There are now four new minigames available for download for Mii plaza. This time you don’t need to rely on street pass to get new mii’s on your 3DS. You can get other Mii’s from Spot Pass, this should make the new games far more easier to play.

Super Luigi U is now available as DLC on the Nintendo eShop. This time you get to play as Luigi in Super Mario Bros U. The game will feature:
– Over 80 revamped stages,
– New Luigi physics and the addition of playable character Nabbit. The stages are faster but far more challenging than the original stages.
Do you have what it takes?

Two things got my attention for this week/month. For the first part it is about Guild Wars 2, where the Dragon Bash event is run and where you can perform some cool things involved with dragon fighting. Also a quest is running on the side of it. Cool achievements can be achieved and nice Dragon Wings.

Mojang has now already announced that somewhere next week we can expect a new MineCraft update/patch. When exactly they will release this patch is still unsure. What is sure is that we will have horsies and the like. That what is maybe a more important problem with this is that all servers will be out-dated and it will take a bit of time before server software from Bukkit etc will be updated again.

That’s it for today! Game on!

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