Ubisoft at E3


Ubisoft had also their own keynote on E3. Ubisoft started with a bloke Jerry from Alice in Chains showing off the new ‘game’ Rock Smith. He really rocks on the guitar.


The Rock Smith 2014 Edition is claimed to be the fastest way to learn to play on the guitar. Jerry was showing off session mode with voice controls. Looks really cool and the music is great.

Aisha Tyler is the host for Ubisoft E3
They continued by showing Splinter Cell Blacklist which will be released on the 21st of August (is that worldwide?).
It will be the biggest Splinter Cell to date. Sam Fisher is back in this new exciting game.
They showed off gameplay footage and CGI. All the well known visors are back. A game full of stealth, sniping and lots of guns, combined with a very thrilling story.

Rayman is back! The Rayman Legends title is coming to all consoles. They started with a hilarious CGI trailer (cute and adorable with a fantastic cartoonish feel!). The game is looking great and there seems to be even more detail added to the game and what is happening on the screen on different levels than we saw before on the WiiU demo’s.
It will have several musical maps and a total of 120 varied levels. There is also online gameplay content, which I believe is the challenges that are already available on the WiiU.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a new game in which you have to find more loot in other castles. The other castles will not give you this loot for free, you will have to fight your way through monsters, traps and other contraptions. What would you do with all this loot? Well you can build your own castle with it, decorate it with the loot you found and defend it with your load of monsters and traps etc. (find more info here! check website)
Currently there’s a closed beta going on for which you can register yourself to be selected for or you can buy your way in to the game early on. Check themightyquest.com.

Southpark The Stick of Truth
The trailer was shown, not much more of the content.

The Crew
Seems to be some sort of racing game where collaborating and competing play a central role.
Will launch early 2014 and it’s coming to PC, XboxOne and PS4.
After each race there is a new threat, a new crew.
You can customize cars via smartglass, which than in return can be played in the game.

Hacking your way into systems in the city of Chicago while trying to escape.
What kind of justice is there? That you will find out.
There is shooting and possibility to shoot back and hacking your way out, such as enabling sprinklers in a building or turning off the lights in a city part to make your way out in the dark and knocking out your enemies while they didn’t expect it.
Looks really cool and it will come out to all consoles.

Just Dance 2014
comes October 2013, coming for all consoles. It includes a lot more popular dance classics.

Raving Rabbids Invasion
They showed off a very funny trailer. It will be a Kinect game with hilarious humour of these naughty little white rabbids.

Assassins Creed 4 – Black Flag coming to all consoles. It’s time to be a pirate!

Trials Fusion, a new game in the motocross racing / stunting and crashing series for XboxOne PS4, 360 and PC.
Trials Frontier is another version of this game for mobile devices.

They concluded with The Division.
The Division is an online open-world Tom Clancy RPG playing in some pandemic aftermath in New York. This game is under development by Massive Entertainment and is scheduled for launch somewhere in 2014.

You play as part of a tactical operations team securing areas and so you find special places with special loot. But you never know what other ‘divisions’ are doing the same as you and will want you dead. Open world PvP in FPS-RPG style.

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