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Nintendo has their own way of presenting E3 news to us, via their own Nintendo Direct Channel, very convenient!


They opened with that they presented it from the conference room in the Nintendo headquarters, a place where the annual shareholder meetings are held.

The first game on show was Pokemon X and Y. They showed us a new Pokemon: Fairy type.
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are coming out on the 12th of October 2013.

Next up was New Mario 3D U, a new Mario adventure in 3D on the WiiU. You can also play as Peach in this new game. Added new suit and ability is Cat Mario – miauw! which gives you a lot of new challenges to overcome. New Mario 3D U is coming December 2013.

Mario Kart 8
This new Mario Kart game has all the classics but has been tuned for HD and includes a new anti gravity side on the circuits. This means you can race upside down and in twists. Stunning new graphics for this classic game. Aquaworld racing (taken from Mario Kart 7) is also included. You can even sometimes hangglide over the map. Online has been improved even more so your karting experience will be better than ever before. Ofcourse there is a strong integration with Miiverse, so you can share your gameplay with others.

Wii Party U was also shown. This game shall include 80 minigames. Certain tabletop minigames can also happen on just the gamepad so that you can play with two people on one gamepad. Unfortunately is WiiU Party delayed till December 2013.

Wii Fit U is also delayed, but comes earlier than Wii Party U.

Nintendo is very impressed with the drawing art on Miiverse by the community. They are amazed how welll people are create new drawings with so limited tools on the Miiverse drawing application.

Art Academy, which is a drawing application for Nintendo 3DS, is now also coming to WiiU. Because they have the technology of Art Academy soon coming to WiiU, they will also improve the Miiverse drawing program with some tools of Art Academy. In that regard, Nintendo is eagerly awaiting the amount of new creations on Miiverse as soon as that will be launched.
Art Academy and the new Miiverse drawing abilities are coming available this summer.

They also showed us some of the new WiiU ware coming to the eShop this Summer. Several known and unknown titles. The most interesting game in here was (at least for me) a brand new adventure of Oddworld.

3rd Party Games are also shortly shown on the Direct presentation:

Zelda: Wind Waker remake has more details, 1080P HD. Coming October 2013.

Wonderful 101: shown how you can unite to create a giant weapon. Nice way of controlling via the gamepad. Coming on the 23rd of August.

Donkey Kong Country – Tropical Freeze, is the secret project of Retro Studios. You fight with vikings and other creatures. The graphics look very good and it has dynamic scenes. The camera can be changed on the fly, giving you a better view on a new type of gameplay. Dixi Kong makes a return in this new adventure! There is no release date on this game available yet.

Bayonetta 2 is coming to WiiU in 2014. We saw an awesome new trailer in which you can see Bayonetta from the front instead of the back (as the earlier trailer showed us). Also we can clearly see that she got a new haircut. Most importantly we can see the gameplay in it with fighting against both the angels and the demons. Interesting…

Monolith Soft’s Project X was also shown. Beautiful Final Fantasy alike graphics of a half futuristic game. Lush environments, grass, hair, cartoonish realism, space, swordfighting and mech combat. A must-buy.. whenever it comes to WiiU.

Three trailers of Super Smash Bros U were shown with new characters Mega Man and Villager. Link looks really amazing. All characters have lots of detail of clothing, fur or hair.
Super Smash Bros U will come in 2014.

The Nintendo direct was concluded with a show-around on the Nintendo E3 booth (pre-E3). Not too interesting for us ofcourse, but still funny to see Mario and Luigi running around in the background and the various stages where stuff will be shown and played.

During E3 Nintendo will maybe reveal even more content. This is really unclear at this moment, so we will just have to wait and see and perhaps some other media will tell this to the world. Rest assured that we will then in return write about it here as well!

Unfortunately not the Metroid and Zelda titles I was waiting for. Perhaps these titles (if they even are in development) are not ready for the public quite yet.

Game on!

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