E3 – Microsoft Keynote


So today was the Microsoft Keynote. In a couple of minutes the Ubisoft one starts, so I better hurry up now with this report.


The Microsoft Keynote opened with a long trailer of Metal Gear Solid 5.

Then the presentator told us that there will be a new Xbox 360 available in extra slim version from today.

With the new version of Xbox Live Gold you will get two for free per month.
There will be hundreds of new games coming to xbox360 the coming time, so the console is not forgotten as soon as XboxOne comes out.

To begin with for example a new Final Fantasy and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 are coming out.

Also: World of Tanks is coming to Xbox360 soon. This popular online massively played game has been especially tailored towards playing on the Xbox360.

A game studio in Denmark presented also some new games that looked nice. (names?).

Dark Souls 2 was also presented with a trailer.

Ryse – an action based fighting game from the old Rome time. Very realistic graphics, amazing graphics really goes from CG to gameplay. Explosions, arrows, limbs off, formation fighting. A new title coming to Xbox One at launch.

Killer Instinct – coming only to XboxOne – fighting game a la Mortal Kombat.

Sunset Overdrive – a shooter that changes everyday, living world game, in the cloud, inspired by the players, shooting creatures.

Forza Motorsport 5 – learning agent in the cloud, the AI learns during the time that you play it. Your friends or family beahiours are also recorded in the cloud, so you can race against them ‘their style’ while they are not online.
The game has smooth lightning, mirroring, shadows, high detail in cars and direct environment and real time damage on cars.

Minecraft comes also to Xbox One (Does this mean we can forget about it coming to other consoles?)

Quantum Break – using the TV series
while stopping time, the gameplay looks interesting, very story driven game.

A shell shading game in the action genre is shown called D4. Got no clue what that is about. Probably too early to talk about it for them.

Project Spark
Seems to be some sort of a sandbox game, you can play in the playground, creating games or events inside a game.
You give commands for designing an environment and use the smartglass to add personal touches to the environment, adding mountains, …rivers, protections, bridges.
spark gets spawned and then the building and creation of things start for real.
Spark can build a village and make objects become characters.
rock – becomes a pet with pre-programmed behaviours

Everything you create can be shared on the cloud so that you can play it with others or others can play in your creations.
The engine is very direct and you create and change things on the fly.

The upload studio for choosing the clip you want to upload, giving it your personal stamp with naming, comments etc. and then uploading into the cloud. In other words all gameplay can be recorded via DVR and then be uploaded to the cloud.
The console also has Twitch live streaming available.

Microsoft changes their Microsoft points currency to real money in your local currency.
Xbox live gold – all family in your house can enjoy the Xbox Live Gold Exclusive content without being logged in.

Prince and Dragon
Crimson Dragon – music didn’t work, so I am not sure about this game, but it is an classical game that comes back and looks rather promising.

Dead Rising 3
massive outbreak of zombies, gameplay video
no loading times, open world
everything can be a weapon (that is everything that you can pick up)
zombies are attractive to your move, you can easily get overrun.
you can though distract them by for example firing off a flare gun.
There are multiple ways to distract them.
100s of weapons in the world to use.
Driving is a critical part to explore new places and weapons, zombies are still a threat though.
Via smartglass you can ask for artillery support call inn (in a Worms World Party way of working).

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt
Free roaming in an open world environment.
voice commands for switching skills or spells etc
The environments look very lush and full of ambience, lush nature, detailed monsters

Battlefield 4 at 60fps
land, sea and air
dynamic gameplay
xbox one crashes? music doesnt work on video, restarted!
realtime action, things that explode, boats that break into pieces, airplanes that get swiped of the capsized boat
enemies that get killed because of a swiped of plane that you made happen
(but thats a lot of prescripted stuff that you can perform, doubt that is physics)
BF4 will be launched on launchday with Xbox One together.

What lies below
a scroller platformer game

Black Tusk Studios.. unanounced game, will be announced later, saw video of fireworks in the sky and person gliding down a building and shooting down an enemy inside the building.

Halo 5, a new Halo experience, just called Halo
launch in 2014

spartan assault on windows
halo series a television series on xbox one

The Xbox One will be available from November 2013 for:
449USD // 490 euro // 480GBP

Last but not least, Titanfall, yet ANOTHER shooting game, but now with Mech style.
Game will come out in Spring 2014.

Game on!


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