Microsoft clarified details on Xbox One


Last Friday Microsoft clarified some details on Xbox One, things that bothered both developers and the gaming community.


1) Will games be available online only?
Games will both be available in retail shops and in digital version for download.
Bought games from the retail shop need to be activated and connected to your account.

2) Can I trade a game that I bought new?
This is something that Microsoft has delegated to the publisher. The publisher decides whether their game can be traded onwards and they also decide whether that will only be possible via a certain shop (such as used resale retail outlets) or wether you can do this digitally online or not at all.

3) Can I lend my game to a friend?
Lending a game to a friend on Xbox One: does not work!

You can however trade a game to a friend on Xbox Live. Trading as in selling or giving away. When you give the game away you do not own any rights anymore to the game. You will neither have the possibility to buy it back again from that friend. The rights for the game are 100% his from that point. The requirement for being able to trade a game to your friend is that you both are Xbox Live friends for minimal 30 days.

4) Can my family play with me, or friends can they have a go at my console?
Apart from that they can connect with their own Xbox One account if they have that, there are up to 10 family accounts for your Xbox One you can use for playing together (or alone).

5) How often does my console check online?
The Xbox One connects every 24 hours with Microsoft to check if you are the rightful owner of your Xbox One and whether the games you play are owned by you. If you would login to another console, the console checks every hour online.

6) What connection type is required to use the Xbox One?
You will need a broadband connection of minimal 1,5mbps.

7) Is my Kinect always watching and sending data to the government?
The Kinect is not always watching. It is though always listening as you will want to command the console with the voice recognition. You can also shut down or turn it on with your voice.
And for sending data such as usage statistics, heartbeat data and other gaming data you will always be asked for permission. You can choose to not share details with the cloud.

8) Do I have to use the Kinect Voice Recognition to command my Xbox One or can I use my controls?
Microsoft says to this: It is faster to use your voice to command / control, but you can also use the controllers for this.

That’s it for now. More on E3 that starts on Tuesday.

Game on!


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