Ultra Smooth Micro-Fibre Tip Stylus


A friend of mine sent me the Ultra Smooth Micro-Fibre Tip Stylus last week to try out. It’s not an ordinary pen, but the type you would use on a touch screen.


The pen is rather thick, but has a very good tip of microfiber. This microfiber is for extra good contact between surface and pen. Some touchscreens are heat sensitive, but most touchscreens such as on your telephone, on an iPAd or on the WiiU gamepad are static electric sensitive. Our fingertips also have static electricity, so that’s why we can also use touchscreens with our fingers. You can easily test this out by wearing normal wintergloves. You will not be able to use a touchscreen anymore. There are however special microfiber gloves that do work on touchscreens – handy for if you want to use your smartphone in the winter!

I tested the pen out on my smartphone, on the 3DS and the WiiU gamepad. On all devices the pen felt better. Or let’s say that the responsiveness of the touchscreens were much better. While with my finger or the WiiU pen I sometimes would lose connectivity, this pen had no trouble to keep an electricity flow going and so the gaming experience was also automatically much better.

Please do note that i haven’t gotten the chance to test this device out on an ipad yet!

I’d say this pen is fantastic and I wished that all pens that come with touchscreens would have been made with the same technology. The only possible disadvantage of this pen is that it is rather big in size to have with the device such as a smartphone. The Game Mistress, who did also test this pen to its full extend, pointed out that the pen isn’t useful for drawing on drawing applications such as on small smart phones or on the 3ds as the pen is so thick.

If you are interested you can purchase the pen from here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STYLUS-PEN-for-iPad-iPhone-Samsung-Tablet-HTC-Sony-ULTRA-SMOOTH-Micro-Fibre-Tip-/261210614691?pt=UK_Computing_LaptopAccessories_RL&hash=item3cd15daba3

All in all a great pen. It feels very good while holding it, works extremely well on touch devices. Reduces the latency and can be used for gaming. Just a little thick, so if it was also available in a more slimmer model than it would be perfect.

Game on

Steven and The Game Mistress

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