MineCraft: Far Lands or Bust and 1.3.1


On the MineCraft side, there are two things I would like to bring under your attention.[/intro]

First of all there is this awesome guy named Kurt who has a show running for over a year on his youtube channel in which he travels in MineCraft to reach the legendary “Far Lands”. Far Lands is basicly the “end of the MineCraft”-world, which are the hard limits of this game. While doing this adventure of himself, he tries to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity.

It began in early 2011 with a normal Let’s play MineCraft series where he would do the standard MineCraft building and surviving stuff. In March 2011 he decided to actually have a main goal in the game: he wanted to travel to the Far Lands that everyone had been talking about to see it with his own eyes. So he packed important materials and did head out.

A while after his series started, a new patch got released for MineCraft, completely removing these Far Lands, but then Kurt decided to keep playing in the older version of the game. He travels without any mods or cheats installed and has done 174 episodes sofar. From June to November 2011, Fans of his channel had kindly donated 11.739 USD to Child’s Play, so he decided to do a livestream and for the first time ever, check how many blocks he had walked sofar away from the center. This was 292,202 blocks from the center, which made him decide the next milestone for the fundraising campaign.

On November the 12th he decided to do a livestream to raise the funding even further and to put the next goal on 29.220,20USD. This goal has now been reached last week (friday)!

So now Kurt is planning another livestream to yet again see the distance from the center and to probably set up a new fundraising goal. This livestream will be on friday the 10th, saturday the 11th and sunday the 12th of August at his TwitchTV Channel.

It is though still possible to donate money to Child’s Play Charity: If you help him get 110% before the start of the livestream, he will also buy himself a webcamera to use on the livestream next week.

So if you want to donate, you can go to his website to use the ChipIn widget to donate directly to Child’s Play Charity.

The other MineCraft related note is that today (1st of August 2012), MineCraft version 1.3.1 has been released. This means that you can download your new client by clicking yes on update after logging in to the game.

BUT!!!! That goes fine for single player, but if you play on a server, you better check out with your servers’ homepage or people whether they have the new version already running! For original MineCraft servers this won’t be a problem, but most people are running Bukkit MineCraft servers and Bukkit has not been updated to the new version yet.
So if you update your client, you cannot login to these Bukkit running servers anymore until they get updated!

There are most likely people who share their old version minecraft.jar with you if you ask them to, as to that you can login and play on the server again. We will not provide this here however.

MineCraft 1.3.1 brougth with a lot of changes. These changes we wrote about before here and you can read the original patch notes here.

Happy gaming!

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