GW2: Last Stand at Southsun


On the 28th of May we can expect a new patch for Guild Wars 2 in which we will start our fight against Canach, who made the wildlife go mad in Southsun Cove.

The new patch is going to give a final move in the living story of the past time. Canach has been discovered as being the baddie (as well as from the beginning to be honest) that made the wildlife go mad in Southsun Cove. Will we be able to defeat him and make and end to the misery or will he escape and cause more mayhem in the near future? We will soon find out.

Otherwise is this for ArenaNet another opportunity to give us some more content to play around with.
When we have finished the solo live story questline we can enter a 5-man dungeon.

Next to the PVE content, there will be a lot of WvW content this time. I to be honest wished that they brought us as RP-PVE people also something to play with, but they seem to prioritize on the WvW people.

More rewards in WvW is named as well as better World XP – World XP will be given for nearly anything you do in WvW and special rewards will be available for when you gained a new World Rank.

For some badges or laurels you will now also be able to buy Ascended gear and some powerful infusions in WvW.
Some new abilities have been added as well to WvW and now they are further improving the matchup system to make every WvW match even more challenging.

On the PVE side they are introducing a very powerful creature that will make trouble on Southsun Cove from the 5th of June and onwards. Otherwise they point out that there are nice things to buy from the Southsun Cove sellers, one of them being this cute Reef Rider Pet.

That’s it for now, let’s hope they add more PvE to the next patch after.

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