How to run old games on Windows 7


Todays video shows how you can run your old favourite games on your new Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system.


The old games were written for MS DOS. MS DOS has not been part of Windows anymore for a very long time, but has always been somewhere available as a sort of emulator. This emulated version of DOS wasn’t able to run these old 16bit games, as the emulator ran on 32bit and in the newer operating systems it even runs on 64bit.

Luckily for us retro-gamers there is a solution: DOSBox. DOSBox is an application written for Windows which emulates the old and classic 16bit DOS for your version of Windows.

It comes with a lot of extras such as the emulation of the software synthesizers for the music and sound effects of every game.

The only thing that you will need to do is to set the sound settings correctly in both the DOSBox configuration as well as the game itself.

As it didn’t work by default on the gaming rig we had to set the following line below the mounting of the game (which also needed to be done).


also we had to preconfigure the mountings. By default DOSBox loads a virtual drive Z: which has all the commands for DOSBox itself in it.

Our game was downloaded and extracted to (see video) E:gamesyrian21yrian21 so we set the mount for this aswell:

MOUNT T E:gamesyrian21yrian21

both are in the DOSBox Configuration file so that they get run everytime the program starts.

From there on it was straight forward to run the game, just by T: (enter) and tyrian (enter).

I am sorry about the sound quality, I have had a lot of troubles today with my Microphone, if anyone has any tips on that one, feel free to comment!


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