Nintendo Direct 17th of May 2013


Yesterday on the 17th of May (which is btw Norway’s National Day) Nintendo did another Nintendo Direct, this time about games launching this year.


Nintendo’s earlier statement to not have a keynote at E3 is for a good reason, their Nintendo Direct streams are very successful. Nintendo Direct’s are reaching a lot of views, producing a lot of press attention and reach out at nearly no cost to the industry, press and gamers.

Nintendo will still be at E3 however, where they will have a stand displaying their latest hardware and software. In the time of E3 Nintendo will have another Direct with more WiiU titles.

The following titles have been presented at this Nintendo Direct:
– WiiU Winter Olympic Games, which is a game for the upcoming Winter Games in Sochi, South-Russia.
– Sonic: Lost World to WiiU and 3DS, Nintendo closed a worldwide partnership with Sega on this.
– The Legend of Zelda: Oracle ofAges and Oracle of Seasons availabe at the 30th of May on the Nintendo e-shop.
– Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis on the move, and how the player can create their own puzzles
– Animal Crossing: New Leaf
– Game and Wario coming soon
– New Super Luigi U, which is a DLC for the New Super Mario Bros U. Don’t forget, its still the year of Luigi!
– The Wonderful 101 (EU release on the 23rd of August)
– Pikmin 3, a game I have still pre-ordered and am looking forward to.

Pikmin 3 is interesting for me because of the type of gameplay. It’s puzzly strategic and colourful. The game is full of interesting enemies and secrets. The size of the Pikmin (ant-size) gives an interesting perspective for this type of game and the graphics of this game on the WiiU will really make gamers and game producers pop their eyes out.

I can’t relate to previous games of the same series, unlike The Game Mistress who played Pikmin 2, because I never owned a GameCube.

Rest assured, I can play it soon as it is coming to Europe on the 26th of July already! That’s earlier than America which is getting Pikmin on the 4th of August.

I’m generally quite amazed by the Lineup for WiiU and I cannot wait to hear more about their upcoming big titles around E3 in June.

Have a great weekend!


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